Attorney Representation on Child Custody
in Weirton, WV

Secure Custody of Your Children with
Sharon N. Bogarad, Attorney at Law

If you need help with child custody in Weirton, WV, speak with Sharon N. Bogarad, Attorney at Law. During a divorce process, the most contentious part of an agreement typically involves child custody. Our child custody attorney is here to assist parents with this process and keep this situation from escalating to an expensive date in court. With nearly 40 years of experience in the family law industry, Attorney Sharon N. Bogarad knows child custody laws inside and out. We work with parents throughout the Ohio Valley, and always welcome our clients to our convenient law office in Weirton. Give us a call today at (304) 797-0602 or contact us online to schedule a child custody consultation.

Available for Modifications of Existing
Child Custody Agreements

After a child custody agreement comes to fruition, that does not necessarily mean it is set in stone forever. Certain arising circumstances can lead to the potential of modification to the agreement. Depending on the behavior of the other parent, or in some cases even children or financial concerns, we can help you modify your existing agreement. If you have a child custody agreement in place and wish to alter the agreement, call our law office today and speak with our legal staff. We work with parents in the following Ohio Valley areas:

Areas Served

Hancock County, WV
New Cumberland

Ohio County, WV
West Liberty

Columbiana County, OH
East Liverpool

Harrison County, OH

Brooke County, WV

Jefferson County, OH

Belmont County, OH
St. Clairsville
Martins Ferry

Washington County, PA
*Limited Services for this County

Paternity Representation from Sharon N. Bogarad, Attorney at Law

When dealing with a child custody case, sometimes paternity disputes may arise. Paternity disputes require representation from an experienced attorney, no matter where they occur. If you live in the Ohio Valley region, count on the experience of Sharon N. Bogarad. Practicing law since 1984, our attorney knows the paternity court system and will provide sound legal counsel for concerned parents. Give our legal staff a call to set up a paternity  consultation.

Mandatory Mediation for Family Law in West Virginia

While our law office represents clients from three states, we can mediate child custody in accordance with West Virginia’s mandatory mediation laws. With our convenient location in Weirton, we can assist in the mediation process for child custody claimants in the state. Mediation is an effective way to avoid a day in court, and save money by settling the matter before a trial. Our attorney has the qualifications in child custody law to fairly and impartially mediate child custody disputes. For help with child custody in Weirton, WV, please contact Sharon N. Bogarad, Attorney at Law today.